Rely on the expertise of specialists from the beginning, because we speak your language.

  • Translation, localization and transcreation
  • Adaptation of marketing texts and claims/slogans
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Text optimization
  • Linguistic consultation
  • Research
  • Translation management
  • Working languages: German, English, Spanish, Dutch
  • Other languages and services upon request

Working languages and partners

Translations at AC Specialized Translations are basically prepared only by native speakers of the relevant target languages who are experienced in the subject fields, since nothing can replace the linguistic skill and cultural expertise of a native speaker, when combined with the required professional qualifications. This ensures that your message is conveyed effectively.

As the owner of AC Specialized Translations and a native speaker of German, I therefore translate only from my working languages English, Spanish and Dutch into German. For translations into English, Spanish and Dutch and to or from other languages, expert, highly skilled partners are available, who all have many years of translation experience as well as extensive technical knowledge and a practical background in fields such as audio engineering, event technology, audio/video production, composing and music.


AC Specialized Translations stands for polished, publication-quality specialized translations at fair rates. Of course it is not possible to quote a single price for all types of projects, since the translation of a promotional brochure or the localization of a DAW plug-in has quite different requirements than, for instance, the translation of a manual or the subtitling of a tutorial video.

Reliable, binding pricing for your project can be provided only after receipt of the relevant source document. This can be sent at any time via e-mail or download link, or alternatively by fax or post. Here confidentiality always has top priority!

For your projects, the following pricing options are available:

Text volume

In this case, pricing is based on the length of either the source text (number of words) or the target text (number of lines), as determined by the widely used professional counting program, TextCount. A standard line consists of 55 characters, including space characters. For pricing according to the source text, the price can be determined immediately from the document to be translated, if the document is provided in machine-readable format. For pricing according to the target text, a cost estimate can be prepared free of charge at no obligation to you, so that in this case the cost can also be assessed quickly.

Time required

As a rule, pricing for editing and proofreading depends upon the time required, since the amount of work involved varies according to the quality of the original text. However, in the case of long-term collaboration with predictable text quality, other options may be considered.

Fixed price

If desired, an economical fixed price offer can be prepared upon receipt of the source document.

Framework agreement

In the case of regular translation requirements, a framework agreement for a specified translation volume can be agreed upon with special conditions.

For all of the pricing variants, you will receive an offer within a few hours, or by the next working day.